Ivy Jelisavac is a writer and director of film, digital and branded content based in London.
She was born in Bosnia and grew up in Germany. 

Ivy has directed numerous branded pieces, six short films, and an 8-episode digital series, Relationshit. Now she is developing her first feature, Crème Brûlée.
Themes in her work are human connection, ambition, and resilience of spirit.

In 2018, Ivy was selected for Reykjavik International Film Festival’s Talent Lab, and the Network Notes track of ITVfest.

In association with the Royal Court theatre, she hosted a filmmaking workshop for underprivileged young people in London, taught screenwriting workshops on her own initiative, and in 2018 gave a guest lecture at Raindance Film School in London.

She has subsequently written articles on no budget film production for Raindance’s blog and Mentorless.

Her short films - among them If You Want To Love Me, Staying On My Feet and Thick Air - have screened internationally. Her web series Relationshit was released in 2019 on Amazon Prime.

Before starting to work as a director full time, she worked or interned in every single department to gain a 360° view of film production and the director’s job. 

She’s currently in pre-production on two short films.